Brochure de gestion mentale en Anglais

How do we learn ?

What can be done to develop learning capacities?

How to understand mental functioning ?

This book presents an unusual pedagogical model, combining theory and practice. It is intended for teachers, trainers, learners, parents, and everyone who is interested in how students can succeed at school.

Marie-Louise Zimmermann-Asta has a doctorate in the Sciences of Education and physicist. She has collaborated in research done at LDES (Laboratory of Didactics and Epistemology of Sciences, whose director is Professor A. Giordan), University of Geneva. Though a trainer of teachers and trainers, she has continued working as a physics teacher in secondary schools in Geneva.

She has created of a pedagogical approach for them, Learning Through Autonomy. She is the founder and director of CEFRA (Training and Research Centre in Learning Strategies). She also conducts training courses with husband on Mind Management Gestion mentale and does profile-interviews ‘cognitive-profil‘ (Antoine de La Garanderie’s approach).

As an educational expert, with her husband Jean-Luc Zimmermann, she designs and conducts adult training.